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"Дают их тем, кто говорит слова и совершает поступки, нужные тем, кто даёт деньги."
Sun Mar 15 11:47:16 2015
"С.Белковский – Вы Разве Смотрите На Своего Президента Со Стороны?"
Thu Mar 12 15:02:40 2015
"Лежать в жемчужнице и перлом становиться."
Wed Mar 11 17:06:45 2015
"Совсем не чтя канонов православных."
Mon Mar 09 16:19:03 2015
"Я памятник себе - ума я прибавляю"
Sat Mar 07 13:07:20 2015
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Emika - Dva

Emika's sophomore album, Dva, is a return to the music of her roots, a triumph of keenly felt and brilliantly expressed reflections of oppression and freedom, be it political, sexual or artistic. Dva is an exploration of self-expression and sound, taking dark dub pop, sound design inspirations and melding them with classical music of her upbringing, taking Emika's production a giant step forward.

By way of announcing the album, we offer you Emika's version of 'Wicked Game', a classic Chris Isaak song, and a gift to her fans allowing further insight into Emika's artistic universe. The blues-drenched, introspective atmosphere of the original is retained, but its palette is effortlessly updated via deep dub textures, addictive drums and fragile, echoing melody. Like all the best covers, it matches the original by understanding it enough to do it justice. Enjoy.

Emika - Dva - Out Now

1. Hush (Interlude)
2. Young Minds
3. She Beats
4. Filters
5. After The Fall
6. Sing To Me
7. Dem Worlds
8. Primary Colours
9. Sleep With My Enemies
10. Wicked Game
11. Fight For Your Love
12. Mouth To Mouth
13. Searching
14. Centuries
15. Criminal Gift

Emika - the Debut Album

Emika - the debut album OUT NOW on 2LP / CD / DL

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